Programming by Stealth

A blog and podcast series by Bart Busschots & Allison Sheridan.


Programming by Stealth is an on-going collaborative project between Bart Busschots of Bartificer Creations and Allison Sheridan of the NosillaCast Podcast. The idea is to sneak up on real programming in small easy steps, using the allure of the web as the carrot to entice people forward.

Each instalment consists an article written by Bart, and an accompanying episode of Allison’s Chit Chat Across the Pond podcast where Bart and Allison cover the same material in a conversational form. Allison’s role is to play the proverbial everyman and pepper Bart with questions to help clarify the material.

The series is intended to be ever-green, but if you play along in real-time you can join the community in the NosillaCast Slack. The challenges set in the series are definitely more fun in real-time.

Series Index

Looking for something in an instalment of Programming By Stealth? Check out the PBS Index, created by listener Dorothy. You can find the PBS Index at bartb.ie/pbsindex.



Most of the instalments linked below were automatically converted from HTML to Markdown in April 2020. The conversion may not always be perfect, but all mistakes are slowly being fixed as they’re noticed. Feel free to submit pull requests on GitHub if you find and fix any problems πŸ™‚

A big thank-you to NosillaCastaway Helma van der Linden for doing the hard work of scripting the automatic conversion to Markdown.

You’ll find the original HTML versions of the notes at bartb.ie/pbs.

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