Programming by Stealth

A blog and podcast series by Bart Busschots & Allison Sheridan.

About the Authors

This series is co-created by Bart Busschots & Allison Sheridan. In addition to co-creation of the Programming By Stealth Podcast, Bart and Allison co-created the Taming the Terminal podcast and book (thanks to Helma Van der Linden).


By day job Bart is Maynooth University’s cybersecurity specialist, in his spare time he’s a podcaster, coder, all-round geek & cyclist, and he’s always a keen amateur photographer.


Allison hosts the NosillaCast Apple Podcast, produced weekly since May 2005, along with her tech interview show Chit Chat Across the Pond. Her husband Steve is the power behind everything she does, including producing her video interviews from trade shows and producing her live show.

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